About Hydrotek Hydroponics

Since 1998, Hydrotek Hydroponics has been North Americas’ choice for quality wholesale gardening supplies. Hydroponic and soil growers will find our manufactured and distributed products in hydroponic and gardening retailers across Canada and the USA.

Our focus from day one has been to supply our retail partners with the best products possible for their customers, and so we sourced and teamed up with the top hydroponic supply manufacturers from around the globe, including world renowned Cyco Platinum Series pharmaceutical grade nutrients, greenhouse lighting fixtures from industry leader Agrolux, REMO nutrients, Philips lighting and many more.

Where the opportunities to innovate arose, Hydrotek developed their own lines of premium products at competitive prices. Sourced from within Canada and around the world, we proudly manufacture and brand our own lines of Rolling benches (Wachsen), plastics (XTrays), grow lights (Lightspeed PRO), growing media (ProTerra), and other essential garden tools (Alfred Horticulture) for the urban and hydroponic cultivator.

Hydrotek Hydroponics has evolved over the last 20 years and now has distribution centers across North America serving the needs of retailers across two countries. Our experienced team of industry experts can advise on many aspects of the indoor growing experience, from setting up and opening a successful retail hydroponics store to the turn-key planning of a licensed production facility.

Whatever your need, large or small, Hydrotek Hydroponics has the solution for you.