Build Your Grow Tent

A complete hydroponics system and adapted to the indoor culture.

Below you can create the hydroponic grow system that is best for you. An Indoor growing system is a combination of hydroponics products. Combining Alfred's DWC system with a grow tent, grow lights and an odor filtration system will ensure optimal growth and a scent free tent.

Don’t forget to add to your grow system high quality nutrients and a variety of mediums recommended for deep water culture and many more hydroponic products, all listed below. To help you we have created a hydroponic system chart (cheat sheet above) for the planning and assembly of your own growing system.

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Alfred Airstone 12"
  • MSRP $3.95


Alfred Airstone 6"
  • MSRP $2.95


Alfred DWC 4-Plant System
  • MSRP $164.95


Alfred Heat Mat 10" x 20.75"
  • MSRP $39.95