Black Flower 3 parts Micro 2.5 Gallon
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Black Flower 3 parts Micro 2.5 Gallon

Product Code:110233

Designed for fast growing plants, MICROs’ ingredients are the base nutrients of the Black Flower Research fertilizer program. It promotes healthy plants and the fastest growth possible.

BLOOM, MICRO, and GROW from Black Flower Research provides your plants with optimal nutrition for superior results. This program was designed for use in all types of hydroponic systems and mediums including coco coir, peat, rockwool, clay pellets, and soil.

MICROs’ blend includes powerful enzyme activators which stimulate cellular wall growth and improve plant transpiration ("Breathing") for a stronger, healthier plant. Our macronutrients work synergistically, slowing their release and remaining available to plants for longer time. The resulting strong and well branched root system is primed to absorb water and nutrients from the medium. An additional selection of micronutrients is included for increased chlorophyll production, improved oxygen absorption, and overall plant health.

Effects of the Black Flower Research MICRO fertilizer:
  • Faster root development
  • Rapid nutrient absorption
  • Improved resistance to disease
  • Enhanced micronutrient availability
  • Greater chlorophyll production
  • Larger, fuller flowers
  • Better taste and aroma
  • Heavier fruit
Never mix MICRO with GROW or BLOOM in their concentrated forms. Add MICRO to the reservoir water first, followed by GROW and/or BLOOM. Use MICRO in combination with GROW and BLOOM for bestresults. This product should be used as part of a complete fertilizer program.
MSRP: $59.95