Black Flower PK 20-20 4L
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Black Flower PK 20-20 4L

Product Code: 10321

The most well-balanced and concentrated in the industry. PK 20-20 ADVANCED is an amalgam of minerals developed to stimulate flowering. PK 20-20 ADVANCED contains high quality potassium and phosphorus. These two elements are fundamental in the blooming phase of a fast growing plant. Potassium acts as a water and nutritive elements carrier. It amplifies the strength and quality of the plant. Potassium is responsible of the immunoreactions, which means that it protects the plant against pathogen infestation and increases the resistance to temperature variations. It also manages sugar production which is essential for the development of the flowers. As for phosphorus, it acts on the metabolism and on the energy transfer. Phosphorus increases flower cells, roots and flower quantity. The main function of PK 20-20 ADVANCED is to increase the availability of the necessary elements during flowering at the precise period. PK 20-20 ADVANCED suits every medium.

MSRP: $119.95