Bubble Pro 55 Gallon 220 Micron W / Extra Mesh
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Bubble Pro 55 Gallon 220 Micron W / Extra Mesh

Product Code: 179049

Easy, Ice-Water trichome separation system!
Bubble Pro extraction bags are a chemical-free crystal separation and collection system using the ice-water extraction method. Ideal for processing otherwise unusable plant material or for turning your flowers into an amazing product of incomparable purity.

How does Ice Water Extraction work?
Trichomes on plants are epidermal growths of various kinds. A common type of trichome is a plant hair, which itself can take on many forms. Plants with glandular hairs, such as mint, lavender, and cannabis, secrete essential oils. It is these coveted oils which produce a plants flavors, aromas, and medicinal benefits.

The Ice-Water Extraction method extracts the glandular hairs, which are often referred to as crystals, kief, or pollen (Due to its powdery appearance. The extraction does not actually contain pollen). The extracted crystals can be used in cooking, in skin care products, for making essential oil concentrates, and a long list of other health and nutrition benefits.

Choosing your Bubble Pro extraction bag
Depending on the quality and strain of your plant material, trichomes will vary in size from quite small to large. Choose a Bubble Pro bag with the correct micron filter screen for the chosen plant material. When used together, Bubble Pro bags of different micron sizes allow you to adjust to the specific requirements of your plant material. Each micron filter size extracts a different size of trichome, resulting in very different levels of quality, taste and flavor, and each has its own appeal.

The Bubble Pro Ice-Water extraction method
Ice-water extraction requires some patience, though the high-sided mesh filter of Bubble Pro extraction bags does speed up the process. Prime quality is achieved by slowly and carefully stirring the plant material. For the best results, keep your water at or below 4°C (39.2°F). This will make the trichomes more brittle and easier to detach. Once dry, the crystals extracted can be used as is or further processed into plant essential oils.

The Bubble Pro extraction process serves as an excellent first step to medicinal grade preparations. With most of the plant matter already removed, an Extraction Artist can focus on extracting the purest oils, without chlorophyll contamination. The final product will be of the finest grade, with great taste and clear body.
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