Dramm ChemDose Precision Flow Meter 100psi
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Dramm ChemDose Precision Flow Meter 100psi

Product Code: 148122

The Dramm Chemdose is a precision application system for applying exact doses of chemical solution directly to the soil. The Chemdose is the perfect applicator when precise amounts of chemical are required. Application of growth regulators, fungicides, systemic pesticides, and fertilizers are optimized with the Chemdose because the chemical solution is measured precisely and applied directly to the root zone, avoiding wasteful run-off and over spray.

The Chemdose is designed to dose amounts between 10ml and 90 ml per shot. It offers complete variability in dosage settings and allows for single-shot or multiple-shot with variable interval time setting operation.
For complete portability, the Chemdose is battery operated and mounted on our 20 gallon cart and tank assembly. The rechargeable battery will operate the unit for 8 hours (or 16,000 cycles) without compromising dosage accuracy on a full charge. The battery will recharge in just over 6 hours with the included battery charge maintainer. The Chemdose comes standard with 25 feet of hose, a 16" bench, 30" ground and 38" hanging basket dosing wand.

With the Chemdose, precise chemical application is easy. Simply select the dose required and set the dial on the Chemdose for that amount. If desired, an internal setting may be chosen as well.

  • Power supply sprayer: 12V DC
  • Power supply charger: 120V AC
  • Minimum dosage: 10ml (.34oz)
  • Maximum dosage: 90ml (3oz)
  • Accuracy: +/- 1ml per cycle
  • Battery recharge time: Overnight (6-8 hrs)
  • Length of charge: 8 hrs (16,000 cycles) solution tank
  • Volume: 20 Gallon
  • Wand length: 16",  30" or 38"


Instruction Manual

  • MSRP: $6,019.95