FloraFlex Nutrients

FloraFlex Nutrients manufactures nutrition for your high value crops at all of the critical stages, not just bloom and veg. Their two part bloom feed (B1 and B2 or their Bloom Foliar) and their two part veg feed (V1 and V2 or their Veg Foliar) should be followed by their Full Tilt nutrient package specially designed for the last “leg” of the race. Make sure that your plants have all of the nutrients that they need when they need them and in sufficient quantities to grow outstanding plants.

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FloraFlex Bulky B 10lb
  • MSRP $166.95


FloraFlex Bulky B 1lb
  • MSRP $19.95


FloraFlex Bulky B 25lb
  • MSRP $374.95


FloraFlex Bulky B 5lb
  • MSRP $89.95


FloraFlex V1

FloraFlex V1_Group

FloraFlex V2

FloraFlex V2_Group