GreenBroz Rosin Press

Product Code: 603301

The Longs Peak Rosin Press, with 8 tons of capacity, was engineered to provide years and years of reliability while giving you the highest quality press on the market. Each Longs Peak Rosin Press includes two sets of orientation legs, so you can operate the press vertically or horizontally. Additionally, each and every rosin press we make is proudly made by hand in Denver, Colorado with top quality components.

Customizable Features

You're in Control
You, the user, has complete control over heat plate temperatures, press time, operating pressure (digital readout), and actuating speed. The Longs Peak features 10" x 3" heat plates with a dual pressure system. Firmware updates are easy with the PurePressure custom software application that works for Mac and Windows - if you ever have an issue, just plug it in to automatically run diagnostics. You can also unlock administrative features for your press with our powerful Pressware technology! *Optional - both the Pikes Peak and Longs Peak press can be updated with our new Automated Control System. Contact us to learn more.

Simple Operation
Streamlined Process
The pneumatic cylinder requires no oiling or maintenance and, through its unique design, is able to achieve nearly 8 tons of force with only 140 PSI compressed air. These extremely high forces ensure that all of your rosin is extracted efficiently. All PurePressure products are manufactured in the USA.

Verticle + Horizontal Operation
The Longs Peak Rosin Press, powered by PurePressure, offers both a verticle and horizontal setup, allowing you to operate the press in whichever layout is most convenient for your facility.

  • Press up to 35 grams of flower or 70 grams of kief or hash at a time with ease
  • Features Pressware™ technology, which offers a full-color LCD touchscreen with custom software for even more control. *Optional upgrade to an Automated Control System
  • Dual Pressure technology included for complete control over your rosin extraction process
  • Save up to 30 pre-set recipes so you can repeat your results
  • 8 tons of pressure output (15,300 lbf @ 140 PSI compressed air) from our custom fabricated, oil-free, maintenance-free pneumatic cylinder
  • 2-year manufacturer's warranty on the pneumatic cylinder and frame; 1-year manufacturer's warranty on everything else
  • Even heat distribution from 0°F - 300°F from the in-house machined 100% aluminum plates, each with its own thermocouple
  • Temperature accuracy to less than half of 1-degree Fahrenheit
  • Ultra-durable powder coated construction
  • Patent pending