Hanna HI1285-5 pH / TDS / EC Probe for HI9811-9812-9813
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Hanna HI1285-5 pH / TDS / EC Probe for HI9811-9812-9813

Product Code: 4621-5

The HI1285-5 is a 3-in-1 pre-amplified multiparameter probe that measures pH, EC/TDS, and temperature within a single polypropylene body. The pH portion of this probe is constructed with a cloth junction, maintenance-free polymer gel electrolyte, and a low-temperature glass sensing bulb.

The EC/TDS portion of this probe utilizes two stainless steel pins for an amperometric determination of conductivity and total dissolved solids. A built-in temperature sensor ensures that both pH and EC/TDS readings are compensated for temperature variations in both standards and samples. The design consideration for the HI1285-5 is ideal for measuring the pH, EC/TDS, and temperature in greenhouses, hydroponics, environmental monitoring, water treatment, and boilers and cooling towers.

The HI1285-5 is designed for use with Hanna’s HI9813-5, HI9812-5, and HI9811-5 portable multiparameter meters.

Compatible meter

Meter Model Code
HI9812-5 2512
MSRP: $154.95

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