Increasing Quality and Reducing Risks with Commercial Cannabis Cloning Racks

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Whether growing cannabis with a Standard Cultivation, Micro Cultivation, or Nursery License, all plants must start off as genetically consistent, robust, disease-free clones and seedlings as to be compliant. This means that these plants must come from clean, modern, and suitable facilities, grown by professionals that understand how to successfully navigate sanitation practices as well as they do production schedules. Most often, these growers choose commercial cannabis cloning racks to stay on target and to produce the finest, purest cannabis around.

Discriminating growers know the difference between a quality cloning rack and a sub-standard one. They also know the risks that come with using a cloning rack of inferior quality. Commercial cannabis cloning racks help growers stay compliant with the guidelines laid forth in Canada's Cannabis act, specifically the guidance provided by Good Production Practices (GPP). The use of commercial cloning racks, such as those manufactured by Wachsen Professional aid growers in preventing cross-contamination, improving air circulation, and producing products of consistently high quality.

Preventing Cross-Contamination


Disease spreads easily in clones if not controlled or stopped right when it is first noticed. Developing seedlings and cuttings are not as able to protect themselves from pathogens as more mature, rooted-in plants can. Clones being rooted in water only are even more susceptible to a quickly spreading disease. Some commercial cloning racks and industrial metal shelves can exacerbate this problem instead of helping to alleviate it as they are not all easily cleaned and sanitized. The GPP calls on the need for surfaces that can be effectively cleaned and so that contaminations from extraneous sources can be eradicated. Wachsen Professional Cloning Racks provide just what is called for to keep a cloning operation clean and compliant.

Wachsen Professional Cloning Racks help to keep pests, molds, harmful bacteria, and fungal opportunists at bay. Available in 304 stainless steel or galvanized steel with powder coated white, these carts are designed to be super smooth so that bacteria can not hide in any pits or crevices in the metal finishes. This also protects workers from getting cuts on rough corners of metal which could then also contaminate the plants if any blood or other fluid were to get onto the crop. The joints of Wachsen carts are sealed to prevent bacteria from hiding out and flourishing in those spots. All these features are intentional to keep crops clean, and as such allow growers to remain compliant with the Cannabis Act.

Encouraging Air Circulation


Cloning racks manufactured by Wachsen Professional are designed to encourage air circulation, which is such an important part of keeping disease and mold at bay. Wachsen Professional’s racks have extra space between each level to allow for plants to access higher amounts of fresh air. Each shelf level can be raised (or lowered) in increments of 1.25 inches to give your plants the extra space needed to support the GPP requirements spelled out in Canada’s Cannabis Act.

Any quality cloning rack will be able to accommodate most plant cloning machines and their propagation lids. The Wachsen Professional Cloning Rack provides ample space for frequent dome adjustments when transitioning plants to a new container or new climate. There is enough space for individual plants, trays of clones, seedlings, or plants at any stage of growth to have room to grow as well as room for good air circulation. For growers with limited floor space and needing to stay complaint with the Cannabis Act’s space limit of 50 square meters, a professional cloning rack saves floor space, yet keeps the clones accessible, as well as sanitary. They also help the grower to keep and maintain large-scale consistency.

Large-Scale Consistency


Wachsen Professional’s multi-level cloning racks allow growers to maintain set production levels or to scale up (or down) as needed, while retaining plant quality and protecting genetics. The surfaces and draining trays on the racks provide the grower the opportunity to grow large batches of plants that will be ready for transplant and cultivation concurrently. This is especially useful for large scale producers that hold multiple nursery licenses whose customers rely on a consistent product of high quality, and of genetics that are traceable and can be trusted.

Professional growers choose quality cloning racks. They choose Wachsen Professional Cloning Racks and so should you.