HydroLogic BIGBoy Sediment Filter 8GPM
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HydroLogic BIGBoy Sediment Filter 8GPM

Product Code: 143200

High flow rate of 7 gallons per minute or 420 gallons per hour. Whole house filter or stand alone (*with optional garden hose connection kit). 25,000 gallon capacity. Removes 99% of chlorine and 95%+ of sediment. Give your plants and family pure H20 with NO offensive tastes or odors.

  • Big Boy carbon filter - Green Coconut - 20" x 4.6" replacement filter
  • Replacement wrench
  • Big Boy sediment filter 20" x 4.5" pleated
Dimensions & weight
  • Dimensions: 29.5" H x 16" W x 8.5" D
  • Weight: 30 lbs

 User Manual

Filters & replacement schedules

Filter Model Code Replacement PPM (by 94-99%+) Chlorine Chloramines Sediment and dirt Iron Sulfur
HydroLogic BIGBoy Carbon Filter Green Coco 143214 25,000 Gal No Yes No No No No
HydroLogic BIGBoy Sediment Filter Pleated 143215 Anually No No No Yes No No
BIGboy ChloraShield 20" x 4.5" 450018 7,000 Gal (@ 4GPM) No Yes Yes No Low Levels Low Levels
  • MSRP: $715.26