ACMPR Licensed Producers

You’ve invested months, possibly years, of your time and took many business risks to finally receive your ACMPR license to produce from Health Canada. Now, it’s time to tool up and begin production.

Your experienced Director of Cultivation will already have a preferred growing technique and layout. What he or she will be missing, is a direct source for commercial quality hydroponic equipment and growing supplies to complete that layout. Now, there’s a good chance you work with your DoC because he is an expert cultivator, not an equipment specialist. That’s where we come in.

Contact the Experts

When you contact Hydrotek Hydroponics, you’re contacting industry professionals. We have been supporting legal production for medical purposes since the introduction of the MMAR in 2001. As Health Canada evolved and adapted the newer ACMPR, Hydrotek was among the first to introduce licensed producers to commercial grade hydroponic production equipment. We know what tools and equipment will provide you with high quality results. More than that, we know which equipment works best together to provide even higher quality results, and we can help you plan the perfect medical-plant production facility.

Let’s Work Together

Your project and its success drives us. Working together, we will help your Director of Cultivation choose equipment and supplies that will achieve the high quality end product required for your successful business venture, while respecting your current budget and ROI expectations.

You gain more than just our support by teaming up with Hydrotek Hydroponics, you also get the backing of the dozens of manufacturers we work directly with and their teams of cultivation engineers and designers.

Contact us now to find out more on how Hydrotek Hydroponics is your one-stop, no nonsense supplier for all ACMPR Licensed Production needs.

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