Damatex Control Systems

Your greenhouse controls solution is ready.


If you want to produce the highest grade crop you need to provide an optimum, healthy plant environment. As a commercial grower with a large footprint and a larger investment you need to control crop production costs while still maintaining the level of quality that provides for a high return.

Your decision to implement an environmental controls solution is a smart one, but how do you choose? Beyond simply what should be automated in the grow room, also ask yourself:

  • Are the greenhouse controls built for my needs, or is it just a cookie cutter system?
  • What are the greenhouse controls limits?
  • Is the grow room controls User Interface (UI) simple and visual? Learning curve?
  • How easily can I connect remotely?
  • Is there a warning system?
  • Does it have data logging?

Your grow room or greenhouse environment is all yours. Like a snowflake, no two indoor farms are the same. By working with Hydrotek Hydroponics and our partners at Damatex, you will receive the most effective and efficient environmental control system available, fully customized and built around your needs.

Your Damatex system is scalable to grow with your business, easy to learn, and simple to access from anywhere with an internet connection. Using the data collected by the Damatex greenhouse control system will help you reduce labor expenses, fine tune plant production, and dramatically lower energy and water use.

Protect your investment with Damatex. Their Intelligent Control Systems can detect problems and work around them, like shutting down a leaking reservoir or firing your lamps back up after a power failure, and will notify you and your team via SMS or an internet connection the moment it happens.

Damatex Environmental Control Systems are built for commercial greenhouse and indoor farming. They easily tolerate the harsh electrical environment, salts, chemicals, and temperature fluctuations that are often found in a grow room environment. Many years and a long list of happy customers is a testimonial to the first-class assembly and design of all Damatex systems.

Designed for you, a Damatex system can control nearly all your greenhouse equipment and processes:
  • Heating
  • Cooling
  • Ventilation
  • Light Levels
  • CO2
  • Humidity
  • Pumps
  • Zone Valves
  • Watering Booms
  • Flood Benches/Floors
  • Reservoirs/Tanks/Water Treatment
  • Injectors
  • Dilute Tanks
  • A/B Systems
  • Element Dosing
  • pH Control
  • Recipe Management

Make the same smart decision as agriculture giant Visser Horti Systems and go with the simple to use and install, infinitely customizable, and completely dependable greenhouse controls system from Hydrotek Hydroponics and Damatex.

Your environmental control solution is ready. Are you?