Humidity Control

Humidity Control

The overall yield and quality of your crop will be directly affected throughout its entire lifecycle by the relative humidity of the grow room environment. Controlling and maintaining the perfect RH throughout each growth stage, from seed to sale, is imperative to producing a medically viable, and business profitable, end product.

Excessive humidity due to poor air circulation spreads diseases such as fungus and white powdery mildew while clogging the plant stomata and preventing transpiration. Relative humidity levels that are too low slows growth and causes dehydration and plant death. No facility is complete without a humidity control system. Our engineering partners at Anden have developed a commercial line of specific humidification controllers which Hydrotek Hydroponics can adapt to your location and requirements.

Your production facility’s humidity controls will be dialed-in from day one when you trust Hydrotek Hydroponics and our friends at Anden, the environmental control experts.

Andens’ parent company, Aprilaire, has been manufacturing dehumidifiers and HVAC equipment for more than 60 years. That experience was used to design commercial dehumidifiers and humidifiers specifically for growing high-value, humidity sensitive plants.

Anden dehumidifiers can maintain proper humidity levels any time of day throughout the growing life cycle and are the only dehumidifiers designed to remove moisture at lower temperatures to simulate fall growing conditions.

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