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Lighting Layout Mapping

When you choose from our curated line of commercial hydroponic grow lighting fixtures, you are choosing from a selection of professional grow lamps that each have a history of successful and plentiful medical crops. Whether you prefer HPS or LED plant lighting, our grow light solutions can be tailored to you and your production facilities’ needs.

Sensitive cuttings and seedlings are generally grown under lower power lighting to prevent leaf burn and drying out the medium. High output T5 fluorescent lighting is most commonly used for commercial crop production as they are relatively inexpensive, give off little heat and can be placed closer to the plant for photon delivery. Light Emitting Diode (LED) systems are becoming the new norm, doing the same job as the T5 systems, with 30% or more efficiency. Though slightly more expensive than T5 fluorescents, the cost is offset by the nearly 5 times greater lifespan and reduced energy costs.

Hydrotek Hydroponics is the main North American supplier of Agrolux Lighting fixtures, giving you access to some of the most efficient and productive commercial greenhouse lighting and HID grow light systems available. Developed in cooperation with Philips Lighting, the Agrolux ALF series of grow light fixtures truly maximizes the PAR output of any lamp installed. Philips extensively tested the Agrolux fixture on efficiency, yield, thermal regulation, bulb voltage, etc., and the ALF1000 passed with flying colors. Agrolux ALF1000 grow lights have been installed in facilities across the USA and Canada with tremendous success.

Hydrotek Hydroponics’s own Lightspeed branded products include multiple lighting solutions for every stage of the plants growth. Lightspeed fixtures, and grow lights are designed specifically for hydroponic use and are a reliable and economical choice.

We have also partnered with Osram-Sylvania to provide cutting edge, customizable LED grow light systems that are fully dimmable and spectra tunable to meet your crop life cycle needs. An environmentally friendly investment for your business that also produces impressive yields.

A reflector is only as good as the lamp installed within. Choosing a grow bulb can be either a matter of specific requirements or personal preference. Hydrotek Hydroponics distributes all the major horticultural lighting manufacturers as well as our Lightspeed branded grow bulbs and can equip your commercial growing facility with precisely the right lamp to do the job.

There’s more to choosing the correct commercial grow light than maximum μMol output. Your success depends on delivering maximum crop yield with minimum operating expenses. To help you achieve that, Hydrotek Hydroponics offers light-mapping services to calculate the best possible layout of your grow light fixtures based on their distance from the canopy, from one another, the grow room environment, and other factors. Why pay for fixtures you don’t need, or waste PAR on empty space?

With your cultivation room specifications, Hydrotek’s commercial grow lighting solutions, and our specialized horticultural light mapping software, we can calculate the most effective mounting layouts for your grow light fixtures, ensuring even light distribution and maximum light yield with as few fixtures as necessary.

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