Hydrotek Hydroponics is your premier manufacturer, importer, and wholesale distributor of commercial hydroponics grow equipment and supplies. Let us show you why we are the most responsive, reliable, and easy to work with distributor in the industry!

Since 1998, Hydrotek Hydroponics has built and cultivated strong relationships with a best-in-class network of leading garden and hydroponic manufacturers around the globe. We manufacture, import, and distribute our house signature brands in addition to carrying a portfolio of the most reputable name brands of professional equipment and growing supplies in the industry.

Our in-stock manufactured signature house brands include:

  • Wachsen Pro
    • Modular rolling bench kit systems available in 4ft and 5ft wide options, ABS commercial low tide trays available in standard one-piece trays and limitless series, cloning carts, hanging carts, drying racks, bud sorters, debudders.
  • XTrays
    • ABS classic flood tables in standard one-piece trays, ABS reservoirs, stainless steel drain covers.
  • Lightspeed powered by Lumlux
    • LED 600W full spectrum, HPS 1000W DE, CMH 315W, CMH 630W light fixtures and single ended and double ended light bulbs.
  • Alfred Horticulture
    • DWC plant systems, water and air pumps, cloning trays, domes, heat mats, propagation equipment and supplies, harvest hand tools.

And much more...

We pride ourselves on supplying reselling partners in the US with comprehensive grow equipment packages, efficiently delivered from three strategically located distribution hubs.

We have very competitive wholesale program solutions for:


  • Retailers
  • Licensed Producers
  • OEMs
  • Builders
  • Engineers
  • Contractors
  • Consultants




We are backed by a team of knowledgeable professionals and manufacturing partners. As such, we can provide equipment recommendations and solutions for indoor commercial grow and greenhouse set-ups, improvements for existing grows, upgrades for expansions, new build-outs and retrofits projects.

Our focus and commitment on commercial-scale production, working with growers has allowed us to build and maintain long-lasting partnerships with small and large multi-state grow operations, outfitting commercial projects of various sizes allowing them to operate and achieve levels of the highest efficiency.

We offer commercial growers services solutions including:


  • Bench and Racking Layouts
  • Lightmaps
  • HVAC Equipment Sizing
  • Air Circulation Layouts
  • Custom Irrigation & Fertigation Systems
  • Consumables Forecasting & Sourcing




Hydrotek Hydroponics specializes in B2B wholesale, commercial volume, and bulk orders, offering the most competitive unmatched pricing around on quality, professional grow equipment and supplies. Our portfolio includes all core essential products for your successful operations.

We simplify sourcing for structural equipment and bulk consumable for your business providing:


  • HVAC & Climate Control Options
  • Grow Lights (LED, HPS, CMH Fixtures)
  • Rolling Benches, Trays, & Stationary and Mobile Racking Systems
  • Water Filtration, Irrigation & Fertigation Systems
  • Air Sanitation & Odor Mitigation Products
  • Grow Media & Pots
  • Nutrients & Supplements
  • Integrated Pest Management Solutions
  • Harvesting Equipment


We support and serve customers of all sizes in all US states, as well as Puerto Rico offering the industry’s leading products to our clients. Our US office and distribution center is located in Phoenix, Arizona, where we take pride in being AZ’s number 1 and biggest hydroponic wholesale distributor. We handle all US sales from our Phoenix location and serve indoor grows and greenhouses across the USA from three strategically-located distribution hubs.


  • Our 10,000 sf distribution hub in Phoenix, principally caters to our Southwestern US customers in the following states: Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, Southern California, Wyoming.
  • Our 8,000 sf distribution hub in British Columbia, serves our Northwestern US customers in the following states: Northern California, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Idaho, Alaska, and Hawaii.
  • And our US customers in the Northeast, Midwest, and Southern states, are mainly served from our 75,000 sf distribution hub in Quebec.


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