Jack Puck 8 Tons Square Press
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Jack Puck 8 Tons Square Press

Product Code: 179301

The Jack Puck hydraulic press base has a dimension of 17.8cm x 20.3cm that facilitates anchoring it to a table using two clamp screws. It has a height of 37.5cm, being as powerful as it is compact.

This press is very easy to use, just put the resin into the mould, put on the cover and apply pressure with the hydraulic system in order to compress the resin. It is an effortlessly smooth action and without hardly any mess.

Item dimensions: 7.0" L x 8.0" W x 14.8" H
Box dimensions: 9.0" x 9.0" x 18.75"
Shipping weight: 47.0 lbs
MSRP: $449.95