Lightspeed Pro DE CMH 1000W 2100uMol Double Jacket Lamp
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Lightspeed Pro DE CMH 1000W 2100uMol Double Jacket Lamp

Product Code:120025

The perfect solution for indoor growers to adopt the newest technology in horticultural lighting. A direct replacement for existing 1000W DE grow lamps, the Lightspeed CMH DE lamp acts as a conversion lamp for any double ended reflector or fixture. Experience the significant difference in light output and spectral quality over traditional MH and HPS lamps without swapping your whole system!

  • Produces more PAR per watt than standard Metal Halide
  • Unmatched spectral efficiency including UV and IR
  • Long life span with minimal deterioration
  • Complete spectrum to take plants from veg to flower
  • Initial Lumens: 100000
  • Rated life: 10000 hr
  • PAR value: 2000 µmol/s
  • Correlated color temperature: 3000K
  • Color rendering index: 90+
  • Operating position: H
  • Nominal lamp wattage: 1000W
  • Nominal lamp voltage: 230V
  • Nominal lamp current: 5.2A
  • Max overall length: 394mm
  • Max bulb diameter: 55mm
  • Bulb shape: T32.5
  • Bulb material: UV block quartz
  • Arc tube material: PCA
  • Bulb finish: Clear
MSRP: $199.95
This kit contains:
  • ECOFEES - LAMPS HID* (x 1)
*Additional fees will apply for this product.