New Products

Keep up with the newest commercial Hydroponic products for indoor growing.

When it comes to Hydroponic operations, the industry is advancing in leaps and bounds. New technologies, nutrient compounds, grow lights and HVAC options are available to take a grow op to the next level.

Hydrotek Hydroponics can advise, evaluate and equip any operation with cutting-edge and new wholesale growing equipment.

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Commercial Tray 4' x 4' White
  • MSRP $149.95


Commercial Tray 4' x 8' White
  • MSRP $349.95


Commercial Tray Front Section 4' x 38"
  • MSRP $64.95


Futurola Mini Shredder
  • MSRP $5,430.24


Futurola OG Shredder
  • MSRP $8,688.39