Pimp my Store

It’s time to update your hydroponics shop, turn some heads, and draw more customers! Show the world you stock the BEST hydroponic growing nutrients and equipment on the planet. Hydrotek Hydroponics can design and produce a fresh new look for your hydro shop to help promote your products and boost sales. Contact your Hydrotek representative NOW and ask for the details on how to “Pimp my Store”.

Conditions: The store must be a stocking retailer of Cyco Flower Platinum Series Nutrients and/or Remo Nutrients. The “Pimp my Store” program is intended to promote the availability of the designated products at the “Pimped” retail location. For more information speak to your Hydrotek Hydroponics representative.

Growers Paradise Pimping, Brampton, ON

    • Garage Door Before

    • Garage Door, Pimped

  • Garage Door Inside, Pimped

Hydrotel, Rosemère, QC

  • Door Before

  • Door, Pimped

  • Stairway, Pimped

  • Window, Pimped

Sherbrooke Hydroponique, Sherbrooke, QC

  • Storefront

  • Storefront, Pimped


  • Indoor Farmer, Waterloo, QC

    Garage Door

  • Ozzy Garage, North York, ON

    Garage Door Inside

  • Pousse-T-Plantes, Joliette, QC

    Garage Door Inside