Silverstar CMH Reflector 315W Ballast System 240-277V
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Silverstar CMH Reflector 315W Ballast System 240-277V

Product Code: 105052

The Silverstar CMH 315W Lighting System is the latest innovation from Silverstar, designed to take full advantage of the embedded Philips built ceramic metal halide driver.The Silverstar 315W System provides maximum lumen intensity, uniform distribution, and deep canopy penetration. The vertically installed CMH bulb (not included) provides an efficient and complete spectrum, with higher efficiency and less heat output when compared to HPS or MH lamps.

Since the CMH bulb spectrum is much wider than HPS/MH, a 4200K or 3100K bulb can be used from vegetative state straight through to flowering, or alternate 4200K during vegetative and 3100K for flowering to maximize growth and yield. CMH bulbs are also extremely efficient, achieving 1.9uMol/Watt with the closest Color Rendering Index to the sun (100CRI) of any available grow light, 91 CRI, compared to metal halide’s CRI of 65, and high pressure sodium’s CRI of 30.

Ceramic metal halide systems also produce more ultraviolet, or UV, light which has been shown to produce stronger stems and stalks with tighter internodes resulting in denser plants with larger flowers.

The Silverstar CMH 315W has an integrated HID ballast from Philips which brings significant performance improvements to HID lighting systems, including higher efficiency, optimal lumen maintenance and lamp life.

The square-wave technology used in the Philips ballast produces steadier beams of light than the standard sine-wave ballast. Less flickering and fluctuations in the light intensity will give your plants significantly more light over its lifespan compared to HPS or MH lamps. More light equals more growth!

By providing a fuller spectrum at lower wattages, less heat is expelled from the bulb and your grow fixture can be placed closer to the canopy, increasing light intensity and canopy penetration. Since one watt is equal to 3.4BTUs of heat, then one 1000W HPS lamp is using 70% more power and releasing 70% more heat into the grow room. A CMH grow system not only saves electrical power directly, but will also lower your cooling costs.

Like all the Silverstar products, this reflector is made from highly reflective German textured aluminum for excellent light uniformity and diffusion. It has a multifaceted design that will provide superior uniformity and maximum output.

Take advantage of the latest technology in hydroponic growing and indoor gardening, make the switch to a Silverstar CMH 315W Lighting System.

Made in Canada.
  • German textured aluminum reflector
  • IntelliVolt 200-277V input with 92% efficiency
  • Requires 240V power connection
  • Low frequency, square wave technology, soft start ballast
  • Short-circuit/circuit overheat/ lamp-failure protection
  • 3 Year warranty

Suggested lamps:
  • Philips Greenpower CDM lamp 315W Elite MW 3100K - Product code 100012
  • Philips Master Color CDM lamp 315W Elite MW 4200K - Product code 100013
Dimensions: 21.4" L x 18.5 W x 10" H
Weight: Unit: 11.51 lbs - Box: 15.0 lbs

Spec Sheet
MSRP: $329.95