Stealth Ventilation In-line Fans

Stealth Ventilation In-line Fans were developed to power grow rooms of all sizes from single plant grow tents to large canopy greenhouses. Stealth in-line fan kits are distinguished by a hallmark soundless design that serves growers with a highly efficient CFM rating. Models can be used as both exhaust and intake fans and matched perfectly with Stealth Filtration carbon filters for fluid and odorless circulation. Stealth circulation fans have achieved unprecedented performance in HVAC technology.

Stealth in-line blower fans ventilate hydroponic grow rooms by replacing grow room air with fresh CO2 and oxygen throughout the light and dark cycles. Around the clock rotation of these essential gases reduces temperature and helps to control the effects of the relative humidity spike during the critical dark period. As an in-line greenhouse fan, Stealth Ventilation was made to function as a reliable nonstop central component that you won’t even know is there.

Stealth in-line fans use dynamic centrifugal flow to strike a balance between consistent air flow and mechanical noise. At the core of Stealth in-line ventilation lies an aerodynamic backward curved impeller blade that generates powerful directional air flow. Stealth impeller blades are curved away from the direction in which they rotate. Our impellers are supported with ceramic sealed bearings and housed within a powder-coated casing. All parts are made from industrial-grade steel for 24/7 use and easy maintenance. Stealth Ventilation in-line fan kits are ETL Intertek certified.

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