ACMPR Licensed Producers

You have taken business risks and spent many hours preparing your location to produce cannabis. While securing Health Canada’s lengthy approval for a Commercial Licensed Producer ACMPR you have decided which strains you will grow. Your Director of Cultivation (DoC) will already have his or her own growing method, training techniques and layout they plan on using, but sometimes even a small product that was overlooked may cause catastrophic events to unfold. You could damage or lose part of your costly crop; possibly all of it. Unless you are growing outdoors, you will need competitively priced, yet long lasting products such as lights, ventilation, air conditioning, humidifiers and others to allow for a highly profitable crop. Your DoC will already have a good idea what is needed, but they are generally not engineers. Everyone can use assistance. Let Hydrotek Hydroponics equipment specialist’s help you succeed.

Contact the Experts

When you contact Hydrotek Hydroponics, you’re contacting an industry of professionals. Since 2001 we have been supporting legal cannabis production for medical purposes. As Health Canada’s stringent regulations have evolved over time; so has commercial grade hydroponic equipment, allowing for more revenue while increasing the quality, flavor profile and yield of your crop. We know the tools and equipment that will provide you with the best results while also knowing which equipment is compatible. We will help you obtain that perfect yield you seek.

Let’s Work Together

Your project and its success drives us. Working together, we will help your Director of Cultivation choose the best equipment and supplies that will achieve the high quality product required for your business to be successful in this ever growing market, all while respecting your current budget and return on investment expectations.

You gain more than just our support by teaming up with Hydrotek Hydroponics, you also get the backing of the dozens of manufacturers we work directly with and their teams of cultivation engineers, designers and experts.

Contact us now to find out more information on how Hydrotek Hydroponics is your one-stop supplier for all your ACMPR Licensed Production needs.

Household ACMPR End Users

We also wish to assist the household consumer for either your personal ACMPR or recreational crop. We strive to provide affordable and effective grow equipment for a smaller scale. Although we do not sell directly to the public, our products are carried by many local store fronts. Please click here to find one near you.

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