Brom Compost Inc.

Since 2005, BROME Compost inc. has served a variety of North American organisations from coast to coast including universities, research centres, stadiums, farms, and, more recently, greenhouse and cannabis operations.

For BROME, there is no such thing as waste!

Our innovative on-site composting systems can be adapted to most cannabis waste management needs. Furthermore, we offer you a turnkey experience as well as guidance at every step of your project's implementation.

3 Reasons for Choosing Composting
  1. Reduce Your Operating Costs
    Low cost compared to waste collection or other destruction methods. Avoid landfill costs by creating a valuable soil amendment.
  2. Conform to Disposal Standards
    Denature and destroy cannabis grow waste efficiently.
  3. Benefit from Added Value
    Add value to your grow waste and reduce the cost of soil amendments on-site by re-using the compost.
3 Reasons for choosing BROME Compost inc.
  1. Modular Solution
    The BROME modular in-vessel composter can be adapted to your specific operating needs. The system is designed to offer you an efficient integrated solution.
  2. Expert Partner
    BROME's expert team will be your partner. We will support you at every step of the process.
  3. Cost Effective
    Our system allows you to save on transport, treatment, storage and landfill costs for all your compostable materials. BROME composters are also an excellent way to protect your assets (ex. Elimination of pathogens from plant waste).

At BROME Compost inc., we offer efficient on-site composting systems. We have created a modular composter whose parts can be modified and assembled to meet a variety of organic waste management needs. Its operation and its design are surprisingly simple and can be adapted to all environments.

Our flexible solutions and high quality consulting services set us apart. We offer personalized follow-up and our expert staff are proud to help you adopt innovative environmental practices.

How composting works:

Composting is a process that needs little human or high-tech intervention as long as proper conditions are maintained.

The composting cylinder offers an environment where naturally occurring microbial activity is kick-started, which heats the material to be composted. This heat is the main indicator of an efficient composting process, breaking down and destroying plant residues naturally.

BROME composters, and any complimentary equipment selected for your operation, ensure that this process is optimized with as little interference as possible.

Example of a small-scale composting system (indoor installation):

Example of a small-scale composting system (indoor installation)

This image represents an indoor Brome Composting System including: a composter equipped with a barn door, an automatic screw-feeder and a shredder to treat plant stems and/or rootballs.

A similar system can also be installed within a shipping container:

A similar system can also be installed within a shipping container

It is possible to configure and adapt the various components to your specific needs. Contact Brome Compost for more information.

Example of a larger-scale composting system (indoor or outdoor installation):

Example of a larger-scale composting system (indoor or outdoor installation)

This image represents an outdoor Brome Composting System including: multiple composters each equipped with a sliding door, an automatic screw-feeder. A mixer and shredder, located within the facility, pre-treat plant stems and/or rootballs. A series of conveyors completes this system for maximum automation.

5 Steps to acquiring a BROME composting system. We will guide you with:

  1. Support in the analysis of your needs.
  2. Development of a personalized plan and cost estimates.
  3. Sales proposal with the possibility of financing and short or medium term leasing.
  4. Installation and setup of the BROME system you have chosen.
  5. Customized training, real-time support and monitoring of your operations are also available.
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