Trays and Reservoirs


Trays and Reservoirs

Everyone agrees, plastic trays and reservoirs help keep growing plants healthy, and grow rooms organized and sanitary. Hydrotek Hydroponics has a selection of off-the-shelf sizes and styles to fit your growing technique available to choose from.

You can be confident in our plastic products, as we exclusively use high impact ABS instead of the more common HIPS (Styrene). ABS easily withstands the temperature fluctuations and hazards of daily agricultural use.

Flood tables are the key ingredient to an Ebb and Flow hydroponics system. Also known as the Flood and Drain method, flood tables retain the water and nutrients during the flow or “Flood” phase, and must be designed to drain quickly during the ebb or “Drain” phase. A quality flood table will have a raised drainage pattern built into its floor and be designed to drain quickly.

Bench trays are similar to flood tables with lower sidewalls. These trays help keep plants organized and mess-free. Intended for use with other hydroponic cultivation systems like drip, overhead, or hand feeding, they must also be designed to drain quickly with a raised drainage pattern to recover or eliminate any excess solution from the plant feeding.

XTrays branded flood tables, bench tables, and reservoirs are available in many sizes to fit your grow room design and cultivation method. All XTrays products drain quickly and clean up easily. Manufactured in Canada and available in lightproof black or reflective white.

Trough systems are generally used with mineral wool or coco coir cubes and slabs attached to nutrient solution feed tubes or drippers. Using this method, there is no repotting to do as the plant grows, which dramatically reduces stress and increases yield. This system also adapts well to automation.

Gutter systems use the nutrient film technique (NFT). A popular system in Europe that is particularly suited to plants with a 3 month or less lifespan. In this method, the nutrient solution flows through the gutter and the plants are suspended so that lower roots have exposure to the solution and upper roots collect air. This method can produce rapid results but requires a growers’ frequent supervision. NFT is the least forgiving of all hydroponic methods, and if any parts of the system fail there is a risk of quickly losing the whole crop.

Rolling benches are one of the easiest and most practical additions to a hydroponic growing room. By installing flood or bench tables on the rolling benches, they allow you to use up to 30% more of the space in your grow room, which could recoup the investment with your first harvest. In addition to growing more in the same space, the plants are brought to a more practical tending height for workers. This increases their speed and efficiency while improving their work environment and reducing injuries. Rolling benches can include lockable caster wheels, which makes plant transport and transfers easier.

In addition to the practicality of rolling benches for cultivation, they also save electrical energy and make climate control easier. The increased airflow beneath the benches makes it easier for your climate control system to reduce humidity and reach its’ set goal while using less energy, particularly when compared to crops grown at the ground level.

Do you need a specific size or design? Custom builds can be made to your specifications, simply contact us with your needs.

Our plastics partner is the largest thermoforming producer in Canada, and an established manufacturer of flood tables, bench trays, and reservoirs for the greenhouse and hydroponic farming industry. Together we produce precision plastic products that are attractive, cost-effective, durable, and will exceed your expectations.

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