Growing Nutrients

Nutrition in plants is the key elements in any hydroponic system. To prevent nutrient deficiency in your system you will need to add a nutrient solution in your growing process. Essential nutrients for crops include carbon, oxygen and hydrogen all of which are absorbed from the air, whereas other grow nutrients must be added to the watering process of your indoor garden. Get complete control with the best hydroponic nutrients available for a great harvest in your installation.

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Cocotek Bloom

Cocotek Bloom_Group

Cocotek Grow

Cocotek Grow_Group

Cyco B1 Boost

Cyco B1 Boost_Group

Cyco Bloom A

Cyco Bloom A_Group

Cyco Bloom B

Cyco Bloom B_Group

Cyco Commercial Bloom

Cyco Comm Bloom_Group

Cyco Commercial Grow

Cyco Comm Grow_Group