Hydroponic Calculators

Would you like to know the electrical costs of your magnetic ballasts and grow lights?

How much CO2 do you need to add to your sealed grow room?

How much water that old plastic bin you found can hold to make a reservoir?

Using one of our calculators you can determine the:

  • Average electricity costs. Don’t get caught with a surprising electrical bill.
  • Amps used per circuit. Using the correct size breaker prevents overload and fires.
  • Reservoir Volume. Make sure you have enough water to feed hungry plants.
  • CFMs required. Don’t underestimate the power needed to completely exchange the air for fresh or filtered.
  • CO2 needed. Will your CO2 generator be strong enough to fill the grow room?
  • Amount of propane that will be used. Make sure you get a big enough tank.

Simply click on the link to the information you need, enter the specs, and let Hydrotek Hydroponics do the calculations for you.