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Coco vs. Soil vs. Potting Soil

It can certainly be overwhelming to know which medium is best to grow your high value crops in...

6 minute read

Indoor Grow Tent & Grow Room Setup Tips

Indoor grow rooms, usually called “grow tents” are a great way to grow plants anywhere. They are easily assembled..

8 minute read

How to Germinate Seeds

Germinating seeds indoors is a great and easy way to grow your own food and flowers...

12 minute read

Top 7 Features of a Commercial Dehumidifier

We’ve compiled a list of characteristics to distinguish industrial horticulture varieties from the average residential unit...

6 minute read

The Benefits of Using a Cannabis Cloning Racks

How a Commercial Cannabis Cloning Rack will increase Quality Control and Reduce Production Risk

4 minute read

What is Rockwool?

Why you whould consider using Rockwool cubes for your next batch

10 minute read

What Is Vertical Farming?

The actual current, and future potential benefits to vertical farming are numerous and only continue to expand...

12 minute read

How Does Deep Water Culture Works?

There are several benefits of growing your plants in a DWC system. First, is its ease of setup...

12 minute read

Guide: How to Clone a Weed Plant

There are many steps involved and you need to create a perfect environment for success....

12 minute read