Wholesale Hydroponic Supplies Distributor for All Your Commercial Needs

Since the 90s, Hydrotek Hydroponics has been North America‘s choice for quality greenhouse supplies and wholesale gardening products.

At Hydrotek, our mission is, and has always been to enable growers to be more productive and efficient, by providing them with professional solutions, technical expertise, and the benefit of our industry experience.

Through the years, as opportunities to innovate arose, our industrial, design teams have developed our own in-house lines of ingenious products at competitive prices for the blooming needs of our commercial growers, greenhouse customers, and retail stores.

Are you looking for a new supplier? Hydrotek Hydroponics is opening a worldwide distribution network that you will be able to plug into. We continue to develop new products in-house, with our team of design experts who always keep the growers’ needs in mind and we add quality products to our portfolio that meet our exacting demands. We will be the number one provider for commercial greenhouse products and supplier for Licensed Producers.

Whatever your need, our experienced team of industry experts can advise you or your clients on any aspect of the growing experience. Whether you need help with turn-key planning to become a licensed production facility or greenhouse, to setting up and operating a successful retail hydroponics store, Hydrotek is there for you.

Welcome to Hydrotek Hydroponics!

Shop for hydroponic supplies by category

Cloning and Seed Starting Picture

Cloning & Seed Starting

All the supplies needed to successfully achieve your seedling and clones goals.

Grow Media and Containers Picture

Grow Media and Containers

Soils and soilless substrates ideal for your high-valued plants.

Hydroponic Plant Nutrients Picture

Plant Nutrients

Premium plant food varieties and enhancements for optimal yield and harvest guiding.

Grow Lights Picture

Grow Lights

Nursery to harvest lighting solutions.

HVAC Systems Picture

HVAC Systems

Boost plant development by overseeing temperature, dampness, and air quality.

Grow Carts Picture

Grow Carts

Your solutions for easier Cloning, Drying and Hanging Carts projects.

Rolling Benches & Trays Picture

Rolling Benches & Trays

Everything you need to maximize your grow space and boost efficiency.

Pest Management Picture

Pest Management

Best fixes for Pest Control in Horticulture Gardening.

Irrigation & Pumps Picture

Irrigation & Pumps

Automate your Irrigation System for consistency and ease of crop feeding, every time.

Water Control Picture

Water Control

Purify your water and check your pH / PPM for consistent result in your grow.

Post Harvest Picture

Post Harvest

Trimming and Extraction Supplies for Horticulture use for all of your Post-Harvest needs.

Tools & Accessories Picture

Tools & Accessories

Pruners, Scales, Gloves, Trellis netting & More.

Commercial Growers

Hydrotek is here to help with all aspects of growing, no matter what you need. Our team of industry experts has the experience to provide you with advice on any aspect of the growing experience. From planning a turn-key production facility or greenhouse to becoming licensed producer, Hydrotek is there for you.

Retail Hydroponic Stores

At Hydrotek, our knowledgeable team of industry specialists is ready to assist you or your clients in any aspect of the hydroponics experience. Whether you're looking to start a hydroponics distribution company, launch a website for selling related products, or run a successful retail store, we're here to help.

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