Terms & conditions

Note: It is always preferable to check with your distribution location first for freight policies, credit terms, warranties and payment options.

New Customers

  • All new customers must fill a credit application form and supply a valid business license in order to receive wholesale prices.
  • First orders will be pre-paid.
  • Once the credit application is completed; an analysis of your credit profile will be conducted to establish the credit limit.
  • The customer will be advised as soon as possible of the authorized credit limit.

Payment Options

  • For all customers with open accounts at Hydrotek, invoices are payable within 30 days of the invoicing date with a check, cash, wire transfer or by credit card (service charges applicable).
  • All past due invoices will bear interest at the rate of 18% per year (1.5% per month) if sent to a collection agency.
  • All returned checks will incur a fee of $ 25 and the customer credit limit will be cancelled immediately. All subsequent orders will be pre-paid.
  • All accounts overdue for more than 90 days will be directly sent to a collection agency and no further orders will be authorized until the account is paid in full.

Address Changes

  • The customer must promptly advise Hydrotek, in writing of any address changes.


  • All orders must be faxed to accelerate the process or online on our website.
  • All orders received before 8:00 am can be shipped the same day depending on stock availability, carrier and the approval of the credit department.

Freight Policies

  • Freight charges will always be at the lowest cost possible. If the customer wants his order sooner, he will assume any additional charges.
  • Tailgate charges will be assumed by the customer.
  • All orders are shipped F.O.B. from the warehouse, unless specified otherwise. If the customer wishes to choose his carrier, he will have to notify the representative when giving his order, otherwise Hydrotek will take the liberty of choosing a carrier to ship the merchandise.

Products excluded from general politics: Flood tables, pots, Hydroton and potting soils. Those are subject to specific transportation charges. Ask your representative when you place your order.

Freight Claims

  • The customer is responsible for the inspection of the shipment and must signify in writing on the freight bill any damages and must obtain the driver’s signature. A signed copy of the bill of lading should be faxed to Hydrotek the same day. Once the bill of lading is signed by the customer, no actions and/or claims for damaged goods can be taken against Hydrotek or its representative.

Detailed procedure for the return of merchandise

  • The customer must fill out and send the RMA form on the website in order to obtain verification and a return authorization number (RMA) to enable merchandise return. A RMA number will automatically be provided by the website.
  • The description of the issue encountered with the product must absolutely be marked clear and well detailed on the form.
  • In the case of a repair not covered by Hydrotek, the customer will be informed of the fees before the repair is completed.
  • The customer has to obtain an RMA number (return merchandise authorization) from Hydrotek prior to returning the merchandise. All transportation fees related to returned merchandise will be assumed by the customer.
  • Any returned merchandise with no authorization number will be sent back to the customer and all related fees will be charged to the customer.
  • Transportation fees for replaced merchandise will be assumed by Hydrotek.
  • For a return:
    • The warranty is valid as of the purchase date at Hydrotek;
    • The merchandise must be wrapped in a way to avoid any damage during transit. Hydrotek will not process a return if the merchandise has been damaged due to improper packaging;
    • Do not return an item that is not marked on the RMA confirmation;
    • Only return items purchased from Hydrotek;
    • An exchange or a repair will be done after receipt and inspection of the merchandise determining if the item is still under warranty. In the event the item is of stock, the product will be credited;
    • Any returned item must be complete and must contain all the accessories initially included;
      • item is not defective;
      • item has been damaged during shipping
      • the warranty period is exceeded;
      • item has not been purchased at Hydrotek;
      • item is an old or obsolete model which is no longer in inventory;
      • item is discontinued;
      • item has been purchased over three months prior;
      • item is not in its original packaging and/or that cannot be resold as new.

Return costs

  • Any shipping cost related to return merchandise will be assumed by the customer.
  • Shipping costs for merchandise replacement will be assumed by Hydrotek.
  • For repairs outside of warranty, fees of $60 per hour in addition to parts will be billed. Shipping costs will be at the customer expense.
  • A 25% restocking fee may be charged on all goods returned.
  • Administrative fees will also be billed for:
    • items returned without authorization;
    • non-defective items;
    • items damaged during shipping due to an improper packaging;
    • items not covered by warranty due to a misuse or a modification of the product.

Non Defective

  • Return of non defective merchandise will be accepted within 30 days of the purchase and must reach Hydrotek in the same condition it left, which means in its original wrapping, clean and in resale condition.
  • Handling and administrative fees of 25% will be charged for all returns of non-defective merchandise.

Price Change

  • All prices are subject to change without notice. Please contact our sales department for current prices or discounts.