Air exchange CFM calculator

As important to your grow as lighting, nutrients, and water, is the air circulation within the grow room.

Ignoring the air exchange rate of your grow set-up will attract pests and mold, clog plant pores, slow transpiration, and increase humidity, to name a few potential problems.

Ideally, your grow room air should be renewed at least once every 5 minutes.*

The Hydrotek Hydroponics calculator determines precisely the cubic feet per minute required to exchange the air in your grow room. We recommend treating this calculation as the minimum required and adding 25% to balance duct resistance and other factors. Another 25% should be added to the required CFMs to compensate if using carbon filters, excessively long ducting, or if there are many 30 degree or greater bends in the duct line.

Hydrotek Hydroponics has a wide selection of inline fans and filters to suit any grow room setup.

*Note that this method is not applicable to rooms with supplemental CO2.