Official manufacturer feed charts

Lost your feed chart or looking for recommendations? Below are the official feeding charts for hydroponic, soil, coco coir, and various other growing medium, as provided by the nutrient manufacturer.

When planning your hydroponic garden, it is important to realize the feeding schedule is a recommendation, and not carved in stone. Different plant species and strains have different needs. Some are heavy feeders, others are extremely sensitive to overdose.

Clones and seedlings require only a fraction of the recommended nutrients. Giving seedlings nutrients too soon or in too great a quantity will cause nutrient toxicity, resulting in burnt looking, curling leaf tips and yellowing of the leaves. Particular attention should be payed to the growing medium used for seedlings. Many peat and coco formulas already contain enough nutrients for two weeks of growth. If you are starting your clones or seeds and add more nutrients to this medium, your plants will get toxic shock from which they may never recover.

Plants being supplemented with CO2 will have greater requirements than plants that are not. The increased rate of photosynthesis along with the resulting faster growth and increased yields makes for a hungry plant. If the feeding schedule is not adjusted to compensate, the additional CO2 will be of no advantage and is essentially wasted.

Research your plants and adjust the guidelines according to the strain being raised and, above all else, pay attention to what your plants are telling you as they develop. Hydroponic nutrient overdoses and deficiencies have telltale signs that are visible on your plant and can be easily remedied if caught early.

Without proper pH levels, all the nutrient calculations in the world won’t help. The optimal acidic pH range for hydroponic crops is important as it affects the solubility, availability, and uptake of several of the essential plant nutrients. After adding the nutrients to the water, it is important to check the pH levels. If they are too high or too low it will block your plants’ ability to absorb the nutrients it needs for growth, essentially starving your plant to death.

We strongly recommend equipping yourself with a digital pH meter for hydroponic growing. They pay for themselves through repetitive use and quite simply make the task easier. If you are new to hydroponics or on a budget, a litmus or liquid pH test will certainly do the job.


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