Hydroponics reservoir volume calculator

Hydrotek Hydroponics reservoir calculator will help you determine the volume of liquid your chosen water and nutrient container can hold.

Simply enter the length, width, and depth. Our calculator will provide the total litres or US gallons. Use this number when determining the correct ratio of nutrients, total liquid that will be consumed by your plants, the maximum number of drip irrigation feeders, and more.

The minimum reservoir size required can be determined by the number and type of plants you’ll be growing. As a general rule of thumb when growing hydroponically, small plants require at least ½ gallon per plant, medium plants 1 ½ gallons and large plants 2 ½ gallons.

We strongly recommend choosing a reservoir that is double the determined minimum (or greater). Don’t forget that when flowering and fruiting your plants needs can more than double!

Have a look at your options if your shopping for a hydroponic reservoir!