Promotional items

Whether it’s to outfit your staff as walking advertisements, stock the shelves for resale to proud hydroponic gardeners, or gift to a faithful customer, below you’ll find a variety of promotional materials from our hydroponic equipment suppliers. Promote brand recognition and instore marketing with Agrolux t-shirts, Cyco Flower coffee mugs, and Hesi backpacks. We have posters, banners, and stickers from hydroponic manufacturers available to help build customer interest and get growers talking.


Promote brand recognition and instore marketing with Agrolux lighting t-shirts, hats, and banners.


Are you looking for promo ideas? Cyco Flower’s giant “Certified Retailer” and “Serious Growers Only” stickers demand respect.


The new HESI nutrients backpacks make great in store promos or loot bags.


Let your customers know you have all the reverse osmosis and water filtration gear they could need by proudly displaying a HydroLogic authorized dealer sticker on your door.


Update your in store promos with Remo Nutrients posters, stickers, and brochures.