Promotional items

Integrating promotional items such as caps, t-shirts, banners, stickers (etc.) as part of your in-store marketing is a great way to engage customers, pique new interest and build loyalty. A high-resolution catalogue printout will make customers aware of products they didn’t know were available. Promoting brand recognition is easy with popular swag from our hydroponic partners at AgroLux, Cyco, REMO and others. Promotional items are ideal as a staff uniform, stocking your shelves, informational posters/handouts and even as gifts to loyal clients.

AEF Global

Get your customers excited about AEF Global’s full product range with high-resolution laminated print-outs of their catalogue and technical sheets. These can double as posters or handouts.


Use striking Agrolux hats as wearable mobile marketing to promote brand recognition. Banners are also available.


With Anden’s wide range of dehumidifiers, sensors and precision controls it can be easy to lose track of what is available. Anden product catalogues and banners will make it easier for your customers to find the best unit for the job.


Are you looking for new promotional ideas? Or maybe diversifying your material? Cyco provides a range of t-shirts, hoodies, product racks and even note pads to develop familiarity and brand loyalty.


Empower browsing customers to make the right veg and bloom nutrient choices and appropriate feeding schedule with a full FloraFlex product catalogue and infographic grow chart.

Available in black Snapback or grey Trucker styles, our hats are as versatile and as useful as our full line of products. Boost employee morale or reward loyal customers with one of these great hats. We know that you will look great wearing them.
Purpl PRO

Take advantage of our Purpl PRO material and advertise that you are selling the industry’s most coveted potency measurement system.


Revamp your instore promotional material with eye-catching Remo posters, stickers, brochures and grow charts.

A hat as hard working as our line of professional growing equipment. Wear it proudly while growing your crops or use for promotional items for your employees and customers. Available as shown in Trucker style grey with white mesh.