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Hydrotek Hydroponics would be happy to welcome you to our family of hydroponic gardening supplies retailers!

Since 1998, Hydrotek Hydroponics has been North Americas' hydroponic distributor of choice for quality wholesale gardening supplies. Authorized dealers have access to our catalog of select hydroponic growing equipment featuring some of the top manufacturers from around the globe.

Hydrotek Hydroponics is always on the watch for retailers that will represent our brands with integrity and professionalism. We pride ourselves on our store support and select product line. Our catalog has everything your customers need or want and will help your store determine the best products for your market.

Speaking of market, upon receipt of your dealer application Hydrotek Hydroponics does a thorough market analysis to confirm we need more representation in your business area. We want to work together and watch you grow, but it benefits no one to saturate a market. Of course, if one geographical area is already too heavily covered, we can help you find a potential storefront in an open market because we want you to succeed!

For twenty plus years, Hydrotek Hydroponics has been supporting the North American hydroponic gardener, both the hobbyist and commercial grower. From British Columbia to Newfoundland and California to Maine, we support this fantastic entity that is soilless gardening and the retailers that make it accessible to the people.

Hydrotek Hydroponics is a business-to-business company and we do not sell directly to the public.

Hydrotek Hydroponics works with licensed medical marijuana producers in Canada and authorized commercial cannabis growers in the USA. Our experience has taught us that the home medical grower of today can be the commercial Master Grower of tomorrow. When your best customer moves to commercial production, we will work with you to keep that customer coming to your store rather than push out the retailer and the knowledgeable staff that got him this far.

For more information and to get the ball rolling, contact us via the form below or fax / email the credit application form.

To open an account you must have a business license (issued by your local government) and either a retail store front or one in the works. Applications to sell Hydrotek Hydroponics products from home or on auction websites are not accepted.

Hydrotek Hydroponics makes all decisions about distribution of its products strictly from Hydrotek Hydroponics 's own, independent point of view. The completion of the information request form below or submission of our credit application form is not a guarantee that we will open you as an authorized dealer. Hydrotek Hydroponics reviews completed applications in the order they are received and will notify you when a decision is made. The review process may take up to 15 days, and your patience is appreciated. Please direct application questions to Incomplete applications will not be processed or considered. Thank you for your interest in becoming an authorized dealer for Hydrotek Hydroponics.



You must have a business license and a retail store front to apply. Your application will then be reviewed by our national sales manager.


No, Hydrotek Hydroponics is not currently seeking online only accounts. Applications to sell Hydrotek Hydroponics products on auction sites (such as eBay) will not be considered.

If you own a physical retail store, you will be permitted to sell through your online storefront as well.


No, it's free to apply.


Pricing and order information is shared only with authorized Hydrotek Hydroponics retailers. You will receive pricing and order information once your application is approved.

Interested in opening an account with Hydrotek Hydroponics? Fill out the fields below and we'll get back to you asap! If you have no questions for us, you can save time by completing our credit application form and emailing or faxing it to Hydrotek Hydroponics.

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