Classic Stealth Inline Fans

The classic Stealth Inline Fans feature a maintenance free motor with ceramic-coated bearings housed in a powder-coated steel casing.

Stealth Inline duct fans feature a backward curved propeller design that creates a powerful airstream. Stealth inline fans will quickly ventilate your grow space, bringing the temperature and humidity of your plants environment under control, and removing odors and other pollutants through your air filters. Whether used as an exhaust or intake fan, Stealth inline fans provide reliable performance for your indoor hydroponic garden.

If your goal is to eliminate cannabis odors in your grow room, we recommend Air box activated carbon air filters. For grow tents smaller than 25sq.ft., use Stealth Filtration cylindrical carbon filters. Stealth Ventilation inline fans will also match to most popular brands of ducted filtration.

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Stealth 20" Floor Fan
  • MSRP $109.95


Stealth Fan 10" 785CFM
  • MSRP $239.95


Stealth Fan 12" 1075CFM
  • MSRP $289.95


Stealth Fan 8" 745CFM
  • MSRP $204.95