Futurola 11 / 4 SIZE 84 / 26 Brown Pre-Rolled Cones
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Futurola 11 / 4 SIZE 84 / 26 Brown Pre-Rolled Cones

Product Code: 333139

There is a reason that the Futurola cones and pre-rolled blunt wraps are becoming the pre-eminent option for consumers…quality in every product. Futurola enhances the world’s smoking experience because all of their product development is meticulously managed by individuals who fundamentally understand both consumers and producers, and each of their respective needs.

Each product starts with premium rolling paper, handcrafted to the highest standards in the industry. Their cones and wraps start with an ultra-thin rolling paper that is refined in France with no chemical additives. They use only organic Arabic gum from the acacia tree, and FSC certified paper filler tips. From there, the high-quality rolling papers are crafted into a variety of sizes and applications including about two dozen different options to meet customer needs.

Always, Tobacco-free, and nicotine-free, these hand-rolled blunt wraps and cones are infused with an amazing blend of terpenes. All Futurola wrapping cones and blunt wraps are fully compatible with the Futurola Knockbox and Standard Attachment. See for yourself why Futurola cones and blunt wraps are a must-have for your, or your customers’ smoking experience.

Designed for maximum compatibility with the Futurola Knockbox and Standard Attachments.

900 Cones per Box
84mm Cone
26mm Filter Tip

NOTE: Incompatible with Reefer Size, Party Size and Fatboy Filling Kits.
MSRP: $760.95