Influence Fungicide LC 10L
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Influence Fungicide LC 10L

Product Code: 171175

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Protect your medical cannabis plants from pathogen fungus, shield them with Influence LC fungicide! Influence LC is an important part of your integrated pest management (IPM) program and is safe for use with beneficial organisms and pollinators.

Influence LC is a contact fungicide that works by inhibiting spore germination and mycelia growth of the pathogen fungus. When applied preventatively, Influence LC provides a protective layer on the leaf, flower or fruit making the surfaces hostile to potential ascospores. This reduces the risk that the spores will develop. When applied curatively, Influence LC causes plasmolyzation of the conidium therefore the disease cannot reproduce and spread further. As well, the growth of the mycelium is suppressed and further damage to leaf and fruit is reduced. Influence LC fungicide is safe to use up until zero days to harvest, allowing you to keep control of the infection and maintain quality.

  • Active ingredients: Garlic
  • Formulation Type: Liquid concentrate
  • Chemical Group: N/A
  • Biopesticide PHI: 0 day
  • REI: When spray is dry 
Recommendations for optimal results
  • Use the amount of water needed for full coverage of both side of leaves
  • Apply preventatively or at first sign of disease
  • Spray every 7 to 10 days
  • Use in rotation with systemic fungicides
 Information Sheet
  • MSRP: $139.95