Wachsen Bud Sorter SS304
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Wachsen Bud Sorter SS304

Product Code: 212003

The Wachsen Bud Sorter doesn't require any power. This sorter will separate your buds into different sizes at a high rate of speed with no damage to the buds. Minimal effort from an untrained operator will allow you to sort over a pound in under a minute. Separate your leaf, isolate your big buds, sort before trimming, or speed up pre-packaging at dispensaries.

The Wachsen Bud Sorter is intended to be utilized post trimming (when trimming dry) and pre-drying (when trimming wet). The Wachsen Bud Sorter will increase your efficiency when packaging by separating similarly weighted flowers, and increase consistency for drying by separating similarly sized flowers.5 grates are included with machine.

Weight: With 5 grates: 145 lbs - Without grates: 127 lbs (Grate with lid: 4 lbs - Without lid: 3 lbs)